About me


I had the privilege of being given art lessons by some really excellent artists: Chuck FlaggGreg DePauw, and Preston Jackson were my teachers until I went to college, where I got my BA in Fine Art from Illinois State University. My emphasis was in photography, but I also took classes in film, art history, ballet, and Spanish. I studied in Florence, Italy for my final semester with photographer, Cosimo Bargellini.

I worked as a graphic designer and illustrator, and as the photo editor for Publications at The Art Institute of Chicago. During my years as full-time parent I became a University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener, and volunteered many hours for the Art Adventure program at Aspen Elementary. I spent four summers as part of the art faculty for the fine arts camp at the David Adler Music and Arts Center. I’m now part of the administrative team at the David Adler Center, helping things run smoothly, as well as working on their website, designing print materials, and doing marketing and social media.

I love photography, pastels, clay, fabric, and any kind of paint. Just as I love the feeling of dance, movement, and the rhythm in music, I am visually inspired by the lines and movement of ballet, flowers, and the passage of time.


Artist member:

David Adler Music & Arts Center

Deerpath Art League

Robert Wright Community Gallery




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