About Me


I had the privilege of being given art lessons by some really excellent artists, starting from the age of ten. Chuck FlaggGreg DePauw, and Preston Jackson were my teachers until I went to college, where I got my BA in Visual Art from Illinois State University. My emphasis was in photography, but I also took a lot of classes in film, art history, ballet, and Spanish. I studied in Florence, Italy for my final semester with photographer, Cosimo Bargellini.

I worked as a graphic designer and illustrator, and as the photo editor for publications at The Art Institute of Chicago. During my years as full-time parent I have also become a University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener, have volunteered many hours for the Art Adventure program at my children’s school, and have worked as a lunch and recess supervisor (I am not a fan of tube yogurts). I spent four summers as art faculty for the summer camp at the David Adler Music and Art Center, and now I’m part of their administrative team, working on many things including updating their website, design, and social media.

Lately I’ve been doing lots of photography, mixed media, and acrylic painting.

I try to capture what surrounds me: the emotion, texture, color. There is beauty everywhere.

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