About Me


I’m currently working as the Studio Manager at the Fine Art Studio Rotblatt Amrany, known for it’s larger-than-life bronze sculptures and monuments. The role includes project management, operations and billing, and managing outside teams that maintain the website and marketing. My background includes art direction, graphic design, photography, digital asset management, photo editing, and illustration.

My roots are in fine art. I had the privilege of studying with some really excellent artists during my life. Chuck FlaggGreg DePauw, and Preston Jackson were my teachers until I went to college, where I got my BA in Visual Art from Illinois State University. My emphasis was in photography, but I also took a lot of classes in film, art history, ballet, and Spanish. I studied in Florence, Italy for my final semester with photographer, Cosimo Bargellini. Art History and Italian language studies, as well as photography were part of that program.

I work in photography, mixed media, and painting. I love gardening and garden design, and completed the Master Gardener program at the Chicago Botanic Garden. I try to capture the emotion, texture, and color I encounter in everyday life. There is beauty everywhere.